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Kung fu for kids in India

Shaolin Kung fu  India is an organization head by Shifu (Master) Kanishka Sharma  which has been catering to  training Children in Kung fu for the last 15 years .
With the vast experience of Martial arts we have developed a module specially designed for children keeping in mind their characteristics and strengths and aiming bringing out the best in every child.

Children 5 Animal Kung fu Neuro Muscular development Program-
Shaolin India 5 animal Kungfu is derived from 5 Animals such as Tiger , Leapord, Crane, Snake and Dragon. Each of these animals have distinctive Characteristics and strength. We use the same strengths of these animals to develop the neuro muscular program for the kids.

1. Tiger- Represent Power and Ferocity and Strong Arm Strength
2. Crane- Represent Balance and Calmness
3. Snake – Represent Regulated Breathing and Sudden Snipping
4. Leapord – Represent Ballistic Speed
5. Dragon- Represent elements like Speed, Timing, Power ,Accuracy and precison.

Learning 5 animal Form Martial arts training classes helps the children -
·         Increased Stamina and power
·         Increased Focus and Calmness
·         Reduction in stress levels
·         Development of Muscle tendons
·         Improved Balance of Min

Why Shaolin Neuro Muscular Program for Kids ?

Self Confidence in a Child
In a world where any one may face crime and be a victim of bullying or harassment or street violence,  Kung fu training helps Children to boost their confidence and be aware of their surroundings.  At Shaolin Kung fu India, the training is designed in a manner to improve physical fitness, left & right coordination, self protection techniques,  discipline and  developing calmness through Shaolin Meditation tips. And don’t we all know a confident child is a leader.

Physical Fitness - physically active children have fewer chronic health problems than kids who are sedentary.  With today’s trends where children indulge hours on the play stations and in front of the idiot box Our Shaolin Kung fu India classes help the child be fitter and more physically active as Kung fu is a work out which moulds the Childs supple bodies into fit individuals.
Neuro Muscular coordinating  -The martial arts training at Shaolin Kung fu India develops the child’s neuro muscular coordination, which is essential for a child as proper coordination aids them in various stages of growth and other activities such as dance, sports, music etc.
Concentration & Discipline - Improved concentration is natural by product of kung fu training.  At Shaolin Kung fu India, there are a lot of movements and techniques to learn and there is pressure to focus the mind and do them correctly.  A child learning Kung fu understands the importance of discipline towards their seniors, self discipline to achieve their goals.

Calm – A child training at Shaolin Kung fu classes, practices specially designed workouts,  which allows the students to release nervous energy. Working up a good sweat has always been a great way to diffuse anger. Experienced martial artists exhibit calmness outside of the training hall as well. The confidence gained through mastery of Shaolin kunfu helps the child be clam in stress full situations such as exam Pressures,  Stage Frights, interviews and dealing with  peer pressures.

The Summer camp for children Delhi NCR May 2014

The Shaolin Adventure summer camp 2014 program is built around adventure and facing challenges. It is more than just a camping holiday.

We encourage you to contact us for additional information or clarification, if any, before registering.
We want you to be aware of the program details program activities may include learning martial arts, baking, art and crafts, trekking, camping, horse riding etc.

Travel is by car and, accommodation is in tents or dormitories in wilderness settings. As in any outdoor camp setting, insects, reptiles and other wild life are part of the natural environment; awareness, care and safety are required.
We have adequate supervision, and experienced and trained staff running the programs. 
Shalin martial arts India and Our highly trained and experienced team.

At the Shaolin India martial arts camp There are shared facilities and resources, and we need to keep everyone's interests in mind.
 The  accommodation is  in tents. Home made food keeping in mind the children s tastes and likes. Clean toilets and fully equipped staff.

Kind regards,
Dipika Sharma
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