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Learn & benefit from Authentic Kung fu, Qi gong in India

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Shaolin  Temple India 
Shaolin Temple India exists as a dream of Shifu Kanishka Sharma whose mission is of promoting the true and rich culture of Shaolin to the different sections of the society for their welfare and betterment, and getting back the traditional Shaolin concepts of Chan (ZEN), Wu (Martial Arts) and Yi(Medicine) to India, from where it all started.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma and Shifu Yang Fang with students
Shifu Kanishka Sharma and Shifu Yang Fang with students

Following specialized courses would be running throughout the year at the Shaolin Temple in India :

  • Neuro Muscular programs for Kids, Teenagers And the Youth. 
  • Jiben Gong, Wu Bu chuan, Lian Huan Chuan , Sanshou  and Jitti Chuan
  • Xiao hong chuan, yin shou gun, and Sanshou ( 2nd Level), Shaolin Qin-Na( First level)

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercise and meditation that makes the mind and spirit tranquil, improves performance in sports, and cultivates health, well-being, and long life.It is a spiritual discipline, inspired by ancient Chinese to seek harmony and peace.
Evidence demonstrates that qigong may be an effect adjunct in the treatment of many illnesses including cancer and heart disease.

  1. Well-being and improved health.
  2. Clear and tranquil mind. 
  3. Deeper, more restorative sleep.
  4. Increased energy, including sexual vitality and fertility.
  5. Comfortable warmth.
  6. Clear skin.
  7. Happy attitude.
  8. More efficient metabolism.
  9. Intuition and creativity. Intuition and creativity generate each other and come from the same source, an awakened brain and being, an ability to think with the gut, to feel with the mind.
  10. Spiritual effects. Advancement in qigong is often accompanied by a variety of spiritual experiences. For example, synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, become more common. When the qi is abundant, clear, and flowing, the senses perceive and are permeated by a sweetness.
When the mind is at peace, the whole universe seems at peace. World peace begins with you; it is your responsibility to  find a peaceful heart and mind. Then you can heal and transform others just through your presence. If you have a tranquil mind, you will make better decisions and have the skill to know when act and when to be still.

Shaolin India Qi Gong programs 
  • Da Bei Qi Gong (for perfect Corporate Health)
With its roots in Buddhism, this is a most powerful form of Qi Gong, it derives from the Yi Jing Ching and is an excellent internal exercise and a well regulated system. It is a meditative, relaxing practice for the cultivation of energy and compassion, that can be practiced sitting or standing.
  • Ba Duan Jing Qi Gong
Corporates learning Qi Gong
Corporates learning Qi Gong
Ba Duan Jing is 800 years old Shaolin Qi Gong. This is made up of 8 movements from Shaolin Temple treasure like Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing. If you train Ba Duan Jing you will improve your muscle tendons. It opens the meridians in your body so that the chi can flow easily. Ba Duan Jing gives you more energy, builds up your immune system, strengthen your internal organs and slow down the ageing process.
  • Taoist Water Qi Gong (for School Children helpline Programs & perfect Corporate Health)  
  A very practical and down to Earth Qi Gong for any age and is very quick to be practiced. It is the perfect instrument to release stress immediately and repair the damages of today's life pace without having to change lifestyle.

Shaolin Kung Fu Master Kaniska Sharma
Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Born in 1977, Kanishka Sharma has always been a person interested in sports and fitness right from his early days of the school. He started learning Martial Arts since his childhood and has been involved with the art for more than 2 decades now. His immense skills and dedication to this form of art inspired him to leave the job at Reliance Industries pursue his ambition to be one of the best in this form of art globally.

After quitting the Reliance job, Kanishka Sharma joined the highest school of martial arts in Shaolin and was the First Indian to be trained at the Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple Union, Shaolin Temple, China beginning 2001.
Since then he has spent all his time spreading the art in India and continued his patronage with the Temple by revisiting it time and again and Upgrading the skills.

In the year 2000-2001 Kanishka Sharma was accepted by Master Shi Heng Jun as his disciple. During His Study with Maste Shi Heng jun he Studied Shaolin Jiben gong, Shaolin 5 animals,Shaolin Tai zhu Chang chuan, Luohan Chuan, Luohan Duan da , Luohan Shi ba shou, Shaolin Rumen chuan, Tongbi chuan, Xiao Hong chuan, xing yi Chuan and weapons Like Shaolin Dan Dao, 9 Section chain, Negative bow staff-yin shou gun, wing magic stick- Fun mo Gun and Studied 36 short fighting combination of Shaolin Kungfu.
He also Studied Shaolin Zuo Chan and Ba duan Jing during that time.
In 2005 Kanishka Sharma underwent Shaolin Training with Shifu Shi Yan Fang who trained him intensely in Shaolin Kanjia chuan, Shaolin Pao chuan, Shaolin duilian (2 people fighting set) , Shaolin Guiding chuan , Shaolin Lian Shou Duan da, Shaolin Meihua boxing .

He also trained Shifu Kanishka in Weapons like Drunken Staff of Shaolin, Shaolin yang jia Shi san Qiang( 13 spear) and Fun mo Dao 

He also Trained Shifu Kanishka in Sanshou and traditional Combat like Tang fang ba and Qin Na.

Between year 2005 and 2008- Shifu Kanishka traveled down and took Discipleship undoer Grand Master Sitta Wang under whose Guidance he learned and mastered Southern Shaolin 18 luohan , yang Tai chi -24, Chen style- 56 and did a Intense Study of Jeet-Kune-Do.

Shifu Kaniska also did a course in Taiwan under Master Lo Man Kam- who is elder kungfu Brother of Bruce lee and learned the art of Police combat Kungfu .
Kanishka has been training under Shifu Shi Yan Zi, (a monk who has spent 15 years in a famous temple in China, learning the martial art form made famous by innumerable Hollywood movies, legend and myth was) for the last 2 years in Shaolin SanShou, Traditional Combat & Shaolin internal Qi Gong. 

Shifu Kanishka has Invited many famous Shaolin Masters to India Such as Da Shifu Shi Yan fo , Shifu Shi Heng jun, Shifu Shi yan Fang, Shifu Sitta Wang and Shifu Shi Yan Zi .

Shifu Kanishka only aim is to Spread True Shaolin Culture of Chan , Wu and Yi ( Chan Buddhism, Martial arts and Shaolin medicine) in India for the benefit of People.

Benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Improves Health & Well being
  • Learn Discipline & Respect
  • Gain Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Improves Flexibility & Weight Loss
  • Aids in Nero Muscular Development for Kids

About Classes

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