Thursday, 3 July 2014

Shaolin India Headed By Shifu Kanihska Sharma a part of Shaolin Temple China

Greetings from Shaolin India! A very Proud day for us today as our own Shifu Kanishka was awarded the title of Shi Yan You by the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple China. The ceremony took place this morning in a hall full of monks chanting Buddhist Mantras, where Shifu Kanishka Sharma was blessed with the name Shi Yan You meaning 'Perfect', Shi Yan You the Perfect Warrior Lay monk. Post the ceremony Shifu Kanishka Sharma was interviewed by various local Media.
The commencing of the ceremony left him with goose bumps .  The ceremony began with mantra Chanting by the Buddhist monks all dressed in their Buddist robes. And the Abbot  Shi Yongxin himself presided the ceremony and blessed Shifu.
Shifu Kanihska Sharma began his journey in the field of martial arts very early as a child influenced by his Driver Suraj who spent days sharing stories of Kung fu movies and made Shifu practice those moves, he insisted Shifu watch the 36 chambers of Shaolin which amazed young Shifu Kanihska as a child,  and perhaps it was the law of attraction which made him watch the movie over and over again, making him more determined towards training at the Shaolin Temple  in China.
This Journey has not been easy from language barriers and being away from home, post his father death in 2000. Shifu knew martial arts is what  he yearned for, he has faced challenges all the way, but never stopped what he had left for.
Training at the Shaolin temple, beginning with the experience of  training with a young 10 year old as his master, he learned that he could not let his ego of considering himself older and previously trained in Karate and Kung fu as a child in India get on his way.
To continue his training in China demanded finances for which he returned and began training interested students in India for a while and returned with the money collected  to China for further training.
His best memories in Life are from his training days in China, a very different life, with intensive training and duties, bland food , making friends with local monks and foreigners like himself training at the temple.

Today he runs classes at Noida . Classes in Kung fu are for Children and adults and are held Mornings and evenings where classes are conducted by his senior instructors who have been trained and taught by himself and his grand master from China during their annual visits to India.

Shaolin India is the only authentic  training center in India, and Shifu plans on spreading the art to every part of India, the number of requests come from all over India and Shaolin India is looking out for Students willing to take this forward and reach out to all students around India.
Shifu Kanihska Sharma trains various Indian Law enforcement units across India, along with corporate houses and educational institutions.Lately he has been training women in Urban Street Survival  self defense.
Shifu had choreographed action scenes  and training Indian Stars such as Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Abhishek Bachchan, Anil Kapoor , Madhuri Dixit etc.

There has been hours of training in the blazing heat, demonstrations, performances,travel hours daily for Shoots, working all night and yet waking up the next morning and begin training. Perhaps this determination and passion for training is the reason why the Instructors are made to train hard and show results.  
After all the intensive training it is simply amazing to see how much he is loved by his students and instructors, he is so blessed.

There is a lot of Love for Martial arts in India, and Shifu Kanihska has made authentic Shaolin Kung fu training available for Students in India.

The residential facility will soon be ready and we can have students live and train together in India.